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WorldLink brings together artists, scientists, and educators who share a rigorous commitment to excellence.

Staff and Consultants


Kirk Bergstrom

Founder and President


Elizabeth Charnas

Program Manager


Molly Cooper

Graphic Design


Jeff Davis

Strategic Planning


Linda Davis

Media Producer


David Lackey

Exhibit Design


Brie Mazurek

Communications Manager


Larry 'Otis' McCort

Web Developer


Seth Nickinson

Program Strategy


Jean Orlebeke

Information Design and Graphic Design


Josh Peterson

Film Editor


Jon Shenk



Program Advisors


Dr. Nadine Burke

Medical Director, Bayview Child Health Center


Dr. Cheryl Charles

Managing Partner, Hawksong Associates; Former National Director, Project WILD


Dr. Milton Chen

Author, Education Nation; Senior Fellow, George Lucas Educational Foundation


Dr. James Dator

Director, Hawai'i Research Center for Future Studies; Fellow, World Academy of Art and Science


Dr. Hazel Henderson

Futurist and economist; Recipient, Global Citizen Award


Anna Lappé

Cofounder, Small Planet Institute; Author, Diet for a Hot Planet


Rick Little

President and CEO, ImagineNations Group; Former founder and president, International Youth Foundation


Michael Pollan

Author, The Omnivore's Dilemma and In Defense of Food


Dr. Andy Smith

Former President, American Forum for Global Education



Board of Directors


Joshua Arnow

Former President, Buckminster Fuller Institute; Managing Partner, Seven-Eleven Capital Fund


Kirk Bergstrom

Founder and President, WorldLink


Susan Miller

Former Senior Manager,
Deloitte & Touche


Ronna Tanenbaum

Former Chief Creative Officer, Alexa Internet