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WorldLink's work is guided by several core assumptions about how we can effectively influence social change.



Power of transformative learning

The most enduring lever for social change is education. An educated citizenry is essential for a democratic, prosperous, and sustainable society. WorldLink celebrates the transformative power of learning to ignite human potential. We view the practice of teaching and learning as a lifelong process.


Global Context

A global perspective is essential to understanding and solving complex issues. In our interdependent world, a global perspective provides a vital context for inquiry. When people experience themselves as part of a global community, they begin to think and act as global citizens.


The art of storytelling, the value of media

Stories serve as the cultural DNA of society. Every culture employs the art of storytelling to clarify its values and inspire new ways of being. The power of media comes from its ability to be quickly replicated and widely shared. Skillfully designed media touches our emotions and provokes critical reflection.


Linking learning and action

When people understand what needs to be done, they are more likely to be part of the solution. WorldLink finds that learning is most effective when it is experiential, connected to real-world issues, and relevant to the life of a community. Our work encourages people to imagine — and create — a sustainable future.