WorldLink brings a unique vision and capacity to support big-picture thinking and broad collaboration. Thank you for skillfully orchestrating our multi-institution, systems change planning process.
— Dr. Darryl Wong,
Executive Director, Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems
WorldLink designed and led a comprehensive systems change process that brought together diverse stakeholders to create a set of dynamic system maps. This innovative work provided valuable context for shaping an integrated food system plan for the state of Hawai’i.
— Dr. Albie Miles,
Director, Transforming Hawaii’s Food System Together
Because of Design for Global Transformation, I think in systems now, instead of the linear mindset that is often taught in engineering. I find connections and discover root causes.
— UC Berkeley student,
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
This course has helped me see how my work in engineering has social, environmental and political effects. My first question when starting a project is no longer ‘how do I make this work?’ but ‘how do I make this work for everyone, everywhere.’
— UC Berkeley student
Design for Global Transformation course
The Nourish resources gather everything we want to teach our students about the food system into a beautiful package.
— Vanessa Zajfen,
San Diego Unified School District
Nourish beautifully aligns with our Teacher Institute, a program designed to provide teachers with critical tools and knowledge to inspire the next generation to protect our Earth.
— Emily Harris,
California Academy of Sciences
Power Shift: Energy + Sustainability is quite simply the most powerful film I’ve ever seen on renewable energy.
— Greg Watson,
Massachusetts Technology Collaborative
Power Shift offers an inspiring and thought-provoking look at the future of our planet and what we can do now to preserve it.
— School Library Journal
The US-Japan Education Forum was brilliantly structured. The different sharing, receiving and working cycles all fueled the success of one other, and created an engaging, meaningful experience.
— Middle school teacher
The Forum was an exhilarating learning experience. It opened up new avenues for me to create meaningful lessons, integrate technology, and explore new forms of creativity.
— US-Japan Education Forum participant
We have come from several different nations, we have come from the farthest parts of the Earth. We have come because we have a vision, we have come to save our home.
— Melanie Parris,
Global Youth Summit delegate, Trinidad and Tobago
We need to reinvent the paradigm of our existence, and build a new civilization. The young people of the Global Youth Summit will be leaders in this generational shift. They are ready to take action.
— Mikhail Gorbachev,
Chair, State of the World Forum
Spaceship Earth helps viewers understand the global significance of their everyday actions — to think globally and act locally. It deserves a place in any collection of quality environmental programming.
— Jay D. Hair,
President, National Wildlife Federation
Superb . . . Spaceship Earth portrays the global environmental crisis in a way that remains hopeful. The use of young people from around the world makes the message especially compelling.
— Denis Hayes,
Chair and CEO of Earth Day