How do we learn and practice systems change?

Combines futures
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Imagine.World is dedicated to the practice of transformational systems change. Transformational systems change refers to a process of deep and lasting change that affects the structure and functioning of a complex system. It goes beyond addressing individual components of a system or fixing isolated problems, and instead focuses on shifting underlying relationships and dynamics.

In partnership with the University of California, Berkeley, WorldLink developed a semester-long undergraduate course entitled “Design for Global Transformation.” This course—offered through the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering—serves as an introduction to the art and science of systems change. Working in small teams, students research and design global and local strategies to reverse climate change.

The Imagine.World team also serves as a “system catalyst,” providing support and facilitation for big-picture thinking and planning, multi-sector collaboration, and visualization and mapping. We partnered with Transforming Hawaii’s Food System Together—a ten year, statewide initiative—to lead an intensive system mapping process that combined diverse stakeholder interviews, three planning workshops, and the design of multiple system change map layers.

What stories are waiting to be born? What new worlds are waiting to be created? What new people are we wanting to become?
— Bonnitta Roy, Author