Power Shift

How do we transform our relationship
to climate change?

Frames three
pathways for action:
our energy transition,
food system
transformation and
ecological restoration.


Power Shift: Rising to the Climate Challenge, is both a call for reflection and a call to action. This media, education and civic engagement initiative explores such questions as:

  • What new paradigms and ways of being are needed to meet our climate challenge?
  • How can we learn to co-evolve and co-design with the natural world?
  • What does a comprehensive climate plan look like and how do we get there?
  • What success stories demonstrate our capacity for global and community transformation?

The purpose of Power Shift is to inspire and enlist a critical mass of citizens in the generational shift from an extractive economy to a regenerative one. What does it mean to be an active citizen in the age of climate change? How do we mobilize as a species to meet this historic challenge?

Our theory of change is based on several assumptions about how young people and citizens develop new understandings and contribute to a process of social innovation. We find that people respond to:

  1. Stories that enable them to make sense and make meaning of a world in change.
  2. Real-world examples of people and projects that model inner and outer transformation.
  3. Simple frameworks that reduce complexity and illuminate pathways into the future.
  4. An invitation to participate in reimagining the future and to demonstrate personal and collective agency.
Power Shift offers an inspiring and thought-provoking look at the future of our planet and what we can do now to preserve it.
— School Library Journal

Working with a diverse network of partners, Power Shift intends to enlarge and accelerate a youth and citizen-led movement for climate action. Ultimately, we want the initiative to serve as a “social tipping point” on the path to a regenerative future.