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The multi-part WorldLink Series explores some of the biggest issues of our time. Produced for a youth and family audience, the public television series invites a reflection on the question, "What does it mean to live in a global community?" By telling stories that engage and inspire, the series illuminates humanity’s options for the future.


A Global Generation

At a time when education of our youth is a universal concern, the WorldLink Series provides a vital resource for learning about the state of our planet. With its positive message that every individual can make a difference, the series offers a unique international forum for people to learn, connect, and act.


The pilot program in the series, Power Shift: Energy + Sustainability, explores the promise of a clean energy future. A second program, Nourish: Food + Community, connects to such issues as climate change, biodiversity, public health, and social justice.



Program Topics

Upcoming programs in the WorldLink Series:


Web of Life:
The Race to Save Endangered Species


Planet Ocean:
Protecting Our Aquatic World


Nature's Wisdom:
The Art and Science of Ecological Design


The Source:
Honoring the Gift of Water


Living Buildings:
Green Architecture and Sustainable Cities


Taking Initiative:
Social Entrepreneurs and Their Stories